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Ladies + gentlemen, allow us to introduce to you the world renowned wedding and fashion photographer: Mike Colón.

We can’t get over even how his name gets to be spelled.  When I looked it up on the Character Map to make the special “ó”, it’s description is a “Latin Small Letter O With Acute”.  Interesting.  But I digress.

who is mike colón?

Previously set to become an electrical engineer, while at school, he walked into a Ritz Camera store one day curious about photography.  Just 10 or so years later, his wedding photography now starts at $25,000.  His clientele? Celebrities.

But that’s not what stood out to us as we got to know him.  What struck us was his humility and just how easy to talk to and down to earth he actually was.  He pulled a jiu jitsu move on David that in 7 seconds or so would knock a person unconscious. Before it became 7 seconds, he let go and David was a little too happy about nearly being knocked out by Mike. I’ll have to learn this move and practice it on David, since he’s such a willing volunteer.

Mike Colón easily moved from talking about flying to New York for a wedding fashion shoot for Grace Ormonde and photographing Usher’s wedding to talking about playing with his kids and teaching his son jiu jitsu.  We love meeting people who’ve not only achieved their dreams but really care about what matters more in life.

But on to the workshop…

what is the seven workshop?

If you’re a professional photographer, whether you’ve been experienced a long while or are up + coming, this is for you.

For $777 (the price matches the name, clever), you get to sit with Mike Colón and less than 20 photographers for a whole day at any of the international workshop locations and learn:

  1. Technical
  2. Style Post Production
  3. Marketing
  4. Pricing
  5. Selling
  6. Products
  7. Portfolio

All questions are welcomed (and I bet you can tell I’m a person that asks a lot of questions).  Meals are included.  Then, you get to practice just what you learned at a model shoot afterwards.  You can view our photos from that gorgeous shoot here.

7 reasons why The Seven Workshop is worth it

Because the workshop was paced and taught specifically for us!

one | learn how to be a high end studio

He specifically teaches how to grow and polish your business to be high end, not just on how to look it but on how to actually be it.

two | business + technical + personal

Success in photography is so interconnected with excellence in those 3 areas: business, technical + personal.   All of it is addressed in detail.

three | filled with real life examples + lessons learned

He patiently went over all the details we had wanted to know: exactly what type of equipment, products, pricing, services, and even the communication etiquette he used, how he used it, and he would show us real life examples so we could see how it’s played out.

four | it was hands on

Through the whole workshop, we were able to pull out our cameras and practice directly what was being taught with our own equipment and for our own equipment, be it Canon or Nikon.

five | everything was taken care of

We didn’t need to worry about paying or looking for transportation or food once we were there.  We had a good lunch and scrumptious dinner thanks to all the sponsors (see our Special Thanks at the bottom of this entry).

six | mike’s great

Easy to talk to, inspiring to hear, with a life that backs up what he says – Isn’t that what you want in a teacher?  Oh and he treats you like a person.  He personally wrote a note to each of the attendees in this surprise packet after the workshop.  Good touch.

seven | all the people are great

There’s a real dynamic in the group that attends and in the people who came along.  You’ll learn SO much from them as well.

All right, I said I’d only talk about 7 things but ONE LAST THING!  A special WOW and OH YEAH to all the surprise goodies, the swag bag.

OK, we should probably stop talking about how awesome it was.  Really, just go.  It’s completely worth it.

To go to the next workshop, click here.

Special Thanks:

To Pixel-2-Canvas, Pictage, Leather Craftsmen, Triple Scoop Music, Kelly Moore (whose bag I just BOUGHT and will rave about later), Gary Fong, H2O Creative, and Shootsac for sponsoring all the goodies that day!

To all the really amazing photographers we’ve met and have learned so much from that day, Ray Santana, Kenny Kim, and Stephanie Fay

To our fellow attendees who we’re excited to follow and watch where you go

To Katherine Harris who was wonderfully organized and cheerful in making that event a success

To Mike Colón for teaching us the concept of being a servant in photography…and for letting go of your jiu jitsu move on David’s neck before it reached 7 seconds

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