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This post is dedicated to a frequently asked but important question we’ve received.

Introducing our Type A Bride Minute video with the lovely ladies and talented team, Meghan Schinderle and Katie Webb of Intertwined Events.


Meghan and Katie from Intertwined Events shares their insight: Why hire a wedding planner?

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how did you two start intertwined events?

Westarted volunteering for a camp for adults and children with disabilities when we were 16.  Four years ago, we became directors of the camp, Recreation Camp, and decided that we really liked spending good quality time together and really enjoyed planning events together.  We started Intertwined Events, fell in love with weddings, and the rest is history.

why intertwined?

Our lives are very intertwined: volunteering, playing soccer, running, planning events.  We can’t seem to get rid of each other.  It was an ongoing joke that it was a good thing that we liked each other because our lives were so consistently intertwined.  Then, as we started doing events, we realized all the event disciplines were intertwined.  When we got into weddings, it was a beautiful symmetry of becoming intertwined.

why weddings?

Why not weddings? We love the color, textures, details, checklists.  We love everything about the planning process.  It’s a great thing to be a part of someone’s special day.  We feel truly blessed to be a part of the experience.

And we’re girls.  There’s just that endless romance about a wedding, love story after love story.  It’s every girl’s dream come true and we get to do it everyday.

what do each of you bring to the table for this business?

We’re very different.

meghan: I bring a lot of composure.  I’m a bit more calculated.  Katie’s a risk taker.  We both bring an unbelievable work ethic.  Because we’re able to work crazy hours in a single day.  Katie’s our creative genius.  She sees the colors and the details, blends the flowers for the linens.  I’m a little more of the copy.  I’ll write up the menus or programs.  I’m a little bit more of the written side of things.

katie: The brains behind the operations

meghan: Yes, I work with the vendors, the business side of it.  Katie’s right there with the bride to make sure the details are just perfect.

if we lined up wedding planners and you had two minutes to explain why hire you, what would you say?

That’s really easy to answer.

  • We are 100% our client’s advocate | We will make sure that what they want and how they want it is coming across.  .  You’re our client.  It’s your dream, your vision.  If it’s what you want, we’ll make sure it’s done as best as possible. We’re making sure you’ll have the best deals, contracts, and vendor options in front of you.  We’re absolutely in front of you night and day. We answer emails within 24 hours.  We answer phone calls almost instantaneously.
  • We both come from a background of professional event planning | Katie’s a certified meeting planner.  Meghan comes from corporate and non-profit events.
  • You get two for the price of one with us | We love hanging out with each other.  We usually don’t do anything without the other one.  You don’t get the 1 on 1 attention with other planners.  Some planners book multiple weddings per weekend.  We’ll only book one wedding per weekend.  Plus, you’re not only getting one coordinator, you’ll get two with us.
  • Our passion for the industry as well as the passion for the brides |  We wouldn’t be anywhere without the people we get to work with every single day.  We love doing what we do.  It makes us wants to go that extra mile for the client and for our vendors.
  • Our goodwill and giving back to the community | We donate over 3,000 hours of event planning to Recreation Camp as directors there.  Katie also runs for Team-in-Training.  Meghan used to be a volunteer at CHOC.  We’re members of Wish Upon a Wedding.  We think it’s important to be contributing members of our community both in the industry and out of it.  We take the talents we’ve been blessed with and give back.

view details from their window display at the wedding pantry

want to contact intertwined events?

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Ladies, it’s always a pleasure to work with you two!  You two are wonderful, truly. Thanks for the great advice!

Coordinatedly Yours,


The Type A Bride


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