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We celebrate marriage and we happen to do that through photographing, not just weddings, but love stories.  When we spoke with Aubrey and heard their love story, we knew this was a wedding of which we wanted to be a part.

how they met

Aubrey bakes incredible desserts.  She’s such a sweetheart and is even willing to share them with others (if it were me [Drexelle], I’d just be munching on them right out of the oven and David would be lucky to get crumbs).

When she went to school in Hawaii, she’d often bake and visit her neighbors at the top of the hill to share food.  During one of those visits, she met Kaiao…and, years later, they totally forgot that’s how they met.

Fast forward two years, she saw Kaiao again and, while hanging out with a group of friends, she shared how she had too much food.

He offered to help her eat the food if she needed a volunteer.

And BAM it was love.

Ok, maybe not love. But after eating, they went to the beach and surfed together.  Then, Kaiao decided to take the next step and ask Aubrey out.

the romantic proposal

We’re huge fans of the romantic grooms.  Kaiao is definitely one of them.

He brought Aubrey to the beach where they had their 1st date.  They stargazed.  Kaiao played Aubrey a special song with his guitar.  He hinted that she’d need to pay attention to the “audience participation” part of the song.

After playing, he opened up about how much he really loved her, got down on one knee, and proposed to her in those Hawaiian shores under a perfect full moon.

the wedding

We love learning and encouraging brides and grooms to infuse as much of their personality, love stories, hobbies, themselves into their wedding.  It’s awesome to see you two in your wedding.

The couple loves to play this game, Bananagrams.  Being an avid Scrabble player growing up, we were so excited to learn about this new game that…supposedly…is way better than Scrabble.  Anyone else tried Bananagrams?  We’ve got to try this out.

Huge fan of the shoe and matching hair clips!

A delicious picnic with baked goods made by the bride herself!

Hello, amazing private wine cellar, can we be friends?  We could not believe this beautiful private wine cellar…and the selections!

Love Aubrey’s smile!

Aubrey, you are so elegant.

Oh my goodness, Aubrey and Kaiao, we LOVE these next two incredible shots of you both!



More of this elegant bride and groom and their beautiful at-home wedding in the slideshow below.  View the slideshow website here.


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    Kaiao and Aubrey, congratulations! You are a beautiful couple, inside and out. We’ve been so blessed to be a part of this journey with you in seeing you two get become husband and wife. May your wonderful love story just unfold beautifully and we can’t wait to see where you two go next! Oh and we’ll see you in Hawaii! Maybe you two can teach us how to surf ;)


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