How to Have Exceptional Wedding Desserts with Ditzie Cakes


I literally stopped, closed my eyes, and tasted a bit of heaven when I first tried one of the AMAZING cupcakes by Ditzie Cakes.  Hands down, one of the BEST cakes I’ve ever had.  Also, one of the cutest wedding dessert bars I’ve ever seen.

How often have you been to a wedding and, yes, it was a pretty cake…but once you bit into it…it was disappointingly dry…boring.  You invest all that money into dessert…why not make it drop your guests jaws?

Introducing the newest secret I’ve found!


I got to sit down with the delightful Andie and get the inside scoop on her amazing cakes.

Andie my dear, how did you start Ditzie Cakes?

Best Wedding Cupcakes Cakes Dessert Bar

In the end of 2007, I had a friend ask me to help bake and make decorations for a wedding. Both of us loved to cook but she knew that I LOVED to decorate so that’s how it all started.

Why cakes?

Yellow 10 Year Anniversary Wedding Cake Bar

I always loved baking. My mom was the one that left me to do the baking. She baked and she cooked so, of course, she was my inspiration. I loved what she made. She was just happy to see me baking so I’ve always loved to bake.

I’m a little bit of a sweet tooth. I love sweets!

Why the name Ditzie Cakes?

I’m a textile designer. In the textile industry, ditzie means a textile patter that’s really small.  I just kind of change the y to an ie.

What makes your desserts unique?

Best Yellow Spring Flower White Wedding Cake Pops

I’m proud of paying attention to details. I’m proud of listening to my client and feeding off of her dreams and wishes.

As an artist, I’m creative so I think I’m pretty intuitive when I talk to a wedding bride about how she envisions her wedding day. What’s pretty nice about that is that some of my clients allow me to be creative for them. They give me a few details and I know exactly what they mean.

What advice do you have for brides when preparing to meet with you?

I always ask them to bring invitations to help personalize the wedding. It gives me a good start to the feeling of her wedding.  Then, I love to see her bridesmaid dresses, ceremony location and where she plans to have the wedding reception.

After you talk to the couple, you get to evaluate the personalities of the client so you try to integrate that as well. For me, it’s an overall intuitive impression of the couple. Then, they allow me to be creative!

More behind-the-scenes from her beautiful desserts with the stylized shoot of Lindsey Besthorn (thank you, sweetheart, for letting me tag along)!

Best Lemon Cookie Flower Wedding Tarts

Bottle of Lemonade for Wedding Dessert Bar in San Juan Capistrano

NOW FOR THE MAIN COURSE – What advice would you give on how to have exceptional wedding desserts?

I love it when a bride is adventurous!  But here are a few things I’d definitely recommend:

  • Theme your desserts to match your wedding
  • Include a top tier cake in your dessert bar for traditional cake cutting (and make sure it matches your theme)
  • Include fun flavors!  Our popular ones are Kona Coffee and the Intoxicated Line – Whiskey Sour
  • Set the desserts out during Cocktail Hour
  • Have at least one cupcake/dessert per guest!

want to book the lovely Andie from Ditzie Cakes for your wedding?

Check out her fabulous cupcakes baked with a fusion of taste and artistry here.

Message me with wedding questions you want answered for future Type A Bride posts!

With my love,

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The Type A Bride

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